Going Away Rituals

How do you prepare for a trip? Does your dog know before you do that you’ll be gone? These rituals can help prepare you both for a trip.

  1. Spend quality time together the day before you depart. Tell your four-legged friend that you will be gone and for how long. Then visualize happiness during your separation for the both of you. Next, visualize your return and the feeling of happiness when you are together back at home.
  2. Give your dog a special grooming or affection session.
  3. Pack up your dog’s things in a special bag, box or luggage. Set it out as you pack, so that you both get ready to go simultaneously.
  4. Tell your best friend(s) how much you love them and that you will be thinking of them every day you are apart. Bring a photo or put one on your phone, and say that you will look at that as a way of connecting in your absence.