We care for your dog as we would our own pets. Daily routines include time outside, exercise, medicine, as well as custom food (if required), plenty of water and clean kennels. Feel free to bring a favorite toy, bed or blanket to make your dog’s time at Appleby Kennels a favorite destination.

To ensure the safety of everyone at Appleby Kennels, we require all dogs to have current vaccinations (Rabies and DHPP) (Bordetella–recommended but not required). We also require current flea and tick protection. We can administer flea and tick protection for $5 per dog per visit if you are unable to show current compliant status. Please bring records with you when you drop off your dog.

A vet is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Guests’ own food is served, so that your dog’s stomach is not upset. We also adhere to your feeding schedule.
  • Healthy, nutritious treats are given throughout the day.
  • Medication is dispensed at no extra charge.
  • Our climate-controlled indoor accommodations are large (16 ft x 4 ft), and we have outside play runs.
  • The play and exercise areas are large and playtime doesn’t cost extra.
  • Dogs are exercised individually.
  • Tours of the kennel are available by appointment.